Choose where to meet for the first time

It is always recommended to organize your first meeting in a public place. For example, choose a meeting place, a restaurant or a busy cafe.
  • Go to destination on your own and do not accept that the person you are going to meet drive you back.
  • Beware of a person who once on the spot, proposes to go to another place.
  • Refuse any invitation to a private party for your first appointment and avoid partys where the number of male guests could far exceed the number of female guests.
  • Before your meeting, notify a person you trust of the place and time of your appointment. If this is not possible, leave a note on the table.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the words or behavior of your new acquaintance, you can end your meeting at any time. Should he become verbally aggressive, leave the area by telling him that you do not want to continue this conversation. Do not be embarrassed to raise your voice if necessary.
  • Always trust your instincts. It is a natural impulse that occurs when a serious event may occur.