Court Record Check

Secure Dating also advises, before you engage deeper in a new relationship, make a request for a criminal background verification of the person you choose to meet. It is a matter of caution rather than mistrust. Take the necessary precautions and avoid bad surprises.
It is a matter of caution rather than mistrust.
Be careful

Nothing could be easier. Visit our online form to request a Court Record Check Application. The consent of the person is not required. You will get the relevant information in just a few clicks.


The cost is only $ 40.00 and payment is via PayPal. The answer will be provided to you by email within two (2) working days and the certificate will arrive within seven (7) working days by mail.


Then you will know who you are dealing with and according to the case, you will be able to decide if you continue the relationship or if you cut short. At least you will be informed of the details of his troubled past.